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Welcome to my blog… 5 Fabulous things About Lou Harvey Nappy Bags 😍
I’ve always been focused on my personal choice of style more so than living out style trends – so when I recently had my LO 😁 I had to strike a balance between ” mommy” comfort vs my personal style. That being said I stumbled across a few really cool items, and threw a few stylish ensembles together along my incredible journey. This post is however for any expecting mom or a mom simply looking
to keep things fabulously stylish when accessorizing 👑
The “ultra stylish nappy bag from Lou Harvey” has become my Fav bag accessory and I’m pretty chaffed that it is a local proudly South African Brand.
Having been gifted a few nappy bags this one by far stood out for two reasons –
1: My amazing hubby gifted it to me 😁 and
2: It serves as a fusion of functionality and style all in one. So here we go… I’ve composed 5 Fabulous things About Lou Harvey Nappy Bags 😍
1: FabColours : the abstract artsy prints of the nappy bag makes it so conducive to styling – making it an accessory to any ensemble – prob one of the best features in my opinion 🙂 .
Goodbye to drab nappy bags that don’t match our well put together outfits (because let’s face it,  it takes me hours to put the ensemble together due to my preggy and post pregnancy weight lol) or better yet it can be easily coordinated with our fabulous shoes if the outfit echoes to a plain jane  moment 🙂
2: FabSize: well its pretty simple, there’s room for any essential item plus more👌
3: FabCompartments: Storage compartments are a must for multi packing. Each compartment leaves room for baby items to my personal items…cellphones, purse, shades…yup there’s a place for it all😍
4: FabMaterial : Print, Print and did I mention Print…A simple wipe off and its clean, no fabric stains or machine washing required #Gots2LoveIt.
5: FabDesign – Two elasticated side pockets, two front zipper compartments, two inner bag compartments, removable matching change mat (same design print and fabric as the bag – that’s absolutely fab not to mention hygienic for on the go nappy changing.) Did I mention that it’s super stylish?
Succinctly, I absolutely love this bag and Brand range – with an amazing selection from fashion bags, hanger bags and make up bags etc I’d say it’s a WINNER. So the next time you’re stranded on gift ideas or looking for a stylish bag  especially if you’re an expecting MOM (@Bakedonline 😉 OR DAD 🙂 this is the place to score something PRETTY awesome www.louharvey.co.za
Stay fashionably connected for my next blog post, “something Sassy” coming soon.
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