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Here we are with winter knocking at our door steps and ramadan around the cnr – I couldn’t help but start assembling some of my fav winter ensembles. With no myopia to this seasons hot and trending hues, we have a ton of “SassyChic’ness” to look forward to.
In this series “StyleByAStylist-Edition1 of 3″…I talk Colour, Wardrobe ensembles, Make-up (natural vs bold Autumn looks) and of course boots, boots and more boots πŸ™Œ!

As a stylist understanding my skin & colour undertone plays a key role in my wardrope selection, especially avoiding total wardrobe malfunction days as much as possible.
That being said, with my colour swatch being “Warm vivid Autumn” now you may ask…”what does that mean , well contact me for your one on one colour analysis Cost: R600 and get 30% off using this promo #Hue4You to find out πŸ˜‰

Now let me kick off my Sassy style guide with choosing “The perfect hues for YOU”.
So without further ado,

Pantones : Fall / Winter 2018: Whats new and whats hot… paying much attention to my personal colour chart, these colours are well aligned for this upcoming Winter season… I certainly look forward to keeping things glam.

I’ve put together my “Top 5 Pantone colour forecast featuring bold pallets of Autumn hues” that when matched makes any ensemble ” SassyChic”

1: Red pear – 19-1536 (Deep enticing red)

Β 2: Valiant poppy – 18-1549 (Alluring hot red)

3: Nebulous blue – 18-4048 ( The blue of a popping warm Autumn sky)

4: Ceylon yellow – 15-0850 ( Spiced mustard)

5: Quetzal green – 😍 18-5025 ( My colour pallet fav – Rich, warm and sassy)

ps. Here’s a view of my personal colour swatch – a key guide along any session of retail therapy.πŸ™Œ This helps me match anything from shirts, abayas and scraves to handbags, optimally complimenting my body type and skin undertone with the perfect tailored hues πŸ‘Œ

To have your very own Colour pallet, Book an appt and get your one on one analysis done asap for as little as @R600! Use the promo code #Hue4You and receive 30% off your booking πŸ™Œ Email: info@modestyonblvd.co.za | whatsapp: 0825538798.

That’s my snippet on colour this A/W 2018 season and there’s much more where that came from :). Stay fashionably connected for my next post “StyleByAStylist -Edition 2” where we talk Ensembles – using Pantone colour, various body shapes and make-up.

Don’t forget to get your analysis done so you too can shop smart and look amazing in Hues that absolutely compliment your skin tone and fabulous figure. #Hue4You …

Yours in StyleπŸ‘Œ
@shihaamabrahams Gani

Featured image credits : Patterbank, Premiere vision New York – Modern Art

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