First and foremost I am blessed to be a wife, mom, a daughter to my loving and supportive parents and a  sister to my siblings, a rather odd Aunt to my nieces and nephews 😉 with my Faith at the forefront of my life’s purpose and journey, all I am, as I am is complete.

My professional portfolio: Certified Project Management,  Internationally Certified Product & Marketing Manager, Certified Digital Commercial Specialist, SME Digital Business Coach, Creative Director at Down2Earth (D2EbySA Fashion), Fashion Stylist @ Modesty on Blvd Studio’s, Style Africa Fashion Correspondent,  ModestyOnBlvd Blogger and a Certified Zumba Fitness Instructor…just dying to add “Author” to the above!

Interests: Entrepreneurship at its best, Technology, Fashion Design, Creative Writing, Quotes, Quantum Physics (the light stuff :))

Life Moto: “Live your life’s ambitions ~ Shihaam Abrahams”